iso 27000
We take Consultancy assignments for improvements in the Quality, Delivery, Cost, Environment and Safety performance of the organization along with achievement of certification.

ISO 27001

We are in an era, where we are surrounded by abundance of information, Information is critical to your operations and perhaps even the survival of your organization. Similarly intellectual property of your organization is at high risk. Securing your intellectual property is critical to compete and succeed. Being certified to ISO 27001 will help you to manage and protect your valuable information assets.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security management. Implementing this standard enables the organization to define the security risk and effectively control, manage or eliminate them. It also gives confidence to the customer that their confidential information is protected and hence broadens your customer base.

The standard is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls. This helps you to protect your information assets and give confidence to any interested parties, especially your customers. The standard adopts a process approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving your ISMS.

Who is it relevant to?

ISO 27001 is suitable for any organization, large or small, in any sector or part of the world. The standard is particularly suitable where the protection of information is critical, such as in the finance, health, public and IT sectors.

ISO 27001 is also highly effective for organizations which manage information on behalf of others, such as IT outsourcing companies: it can be used to assure customers that their information is being protected.

  • To conduct gap analysis
  • To provide awareness & IA training programmes
  • To identify, review & evaluate ISMS policy, legislation, risks for incidents & response
  • To develop information security management system easy to implement
  • To conduct Internal audit, take C&P actions & solve security problem
  • To conduct Pre-Assessment audit & periodic check for continual assessment

Certifying your ISMS against ISO 27001 can bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Demonstrate your customers the commitment of your senior management to the security of their information
  • Provides a competitive edge by meeting contractual requirements
  • Increased customer confidence and satisfaction helps protect your brand reputation
  • Provide structure to Identify and clarify critical assets via Business Risk Assessment
  • Provide Cost-effective response mechanism for security risk incidents& breaches to information assets
  • Helps implement and manage controls to adhere to an organization’s specific security objectives and continuous improvement via efficient C&P actions
  • Assured business continuity through your internal controls and disaster recovery mechanisms
  • The regular assessment process helps you to continually monitor your performance and improve
  • Independent verification that your organizational risks are properly identified, assessed and managed, while formalizing information security processes, procedures and documentation
  • Independent third party assurance that applicable laws and regulations are observed
  • STEP 1: Get an understanding of the standard and what it means in your company
  • STEP 2: Consider hiring a consultant
  • STEP 3: Plan your project
  • STEP 4: Gap Analysis
  • STEP 5: Adopt Team Approach – Steering Team & Task Teams
  • STEP 6: Train employees on standard
  • STEP 7: Establish system & Prepare Documentation
  • STEP 8: Use system for 6-Weeks to 3-months to collect records and to demonstrate improvements
  • STEP 9: Train internal auditors
  • STEP10: Conduct Internal Audits
  • STEP11: Qualify Pre-Assessment Audit
  • STEP12: The Registration Audit