iso 9001
We take Consultancy assignments for improvements in the Quality, Delivery, Cost, Environment and Safety performance of the organization along with achievement of certification.

ISO 9001

Today’s dynamic and turbulent business environment has shifted the focus of the organizations from “Quality” to “Competitive Quality”. What separates a world class organization from others is – how better you are from the rest of your competitors.

The ISO 9001 is an international standard specifying Quality Management System requirements for any organization that needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product meeting customer as well as applicable regulatory requirements and aims to customer delight.

The organizational performance could be further improved by adopting practices described in ISO 9004 that are guidelines neither intended for certification, regulatory or contractual use nor as a guide to implement ISO 9001.

Who is it relevant to?

ISO 9001 is suitable for any organization looking to improve the way it is operated and managed, regardless of size or sector. However, the best returns on investment come from those companies that are prepared to implement it throughout their organization rather than at particular sites, departments or divisions.


We understand how to fully exploit the benefits of your quality management system to ensure you unlock the true potential in your organization. Our knowledge and experience of the standards is unsurpassed. We could assist you

  • To conduct gap analysis
  • To provide awareness & IA training programmes
  • To develop Environmental Management System easy to implement
  • To conduct Internal audit, take C&P actions & solve quality problem
  • To conduct Pre-Assessment audit & periodic check for continual assessment
  • Enhances brand reputation and can be a useful promotional tool. It sends a clear message to all interested parties that this is a company committed to high standards and continual improvement.
  • Provides Competitive advantage by facilitating top management to continuously see progress or lack of progress towards business objectives.
  • Organizations retain or increase market share, increases sales or revenues and profitability. It removes barriers to trade and Attracts investment.
  • Streamlines operations and reduces waste: Consistent and improved quality of product as well as processes. Improved documentation & process control leads to increased productivity along with reduced defect rate, wastage, reworks & breakdown time.
  • Increased Involvement of employees leads to moral boost-up and job satisfaction.
  • Increased customer confidence & satisfaction leads to improved organizational image.
  • STEP 1: Get an understanding of the standard and what it means in your company
  • STEP 2: Consider hiring a consultant
  • STEP 3: Plan your project
  • STEP 4: Gap Analysis
  • STEP 5: Adopt Team Approach – Steering Team & Task Teams
  • STEP 6: Train employees on standard
  • STEP 7: Establish system &Prepare Documentation
  • STEP 8: Use system for 6-Weeks to 3-months to collect records and to demonstrate improvements
  • STEP 9: Train internal auditors
  • STEP10: Conduct Internal Audits
  • STEP11: Qualify Pre-Assessment Audit
  • STEP12: The Registration Audit