“The Significant problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking we were at, when we created them.”


Businesses face tough problems every day!
The longer a problem exists the more likely the drain on a company’s resources. There is a cost associated with not solving the problem. When that cost becomes too great and noticeable, the time comes to take action. It’s the time to convert that problems into an opportunity . . .

An opportunity to produce a better product, An opportunity to improve deliveries, An opportunity to cut expenses, etc.

And, There are choices to be made. . .

  • Company can take the necessary steps to develop the internal skill set needed to solve existing problem and eventually develop the capability to solve future problems.
  • However, if the situation is urgent and company doesn’t have the time to develop the skill set or mature the capability, it might be the time to use an external resource that bridges the gap.
Are any of your business problems demanding immediate action?
  • High Defect rate
  • Low Productivity
  • Quality Problems
  • Delivery Problems
  • Time-to-Market problems
  • Process Capability Problems
  • High cost to Produce
  • Low Profit Margins
  • Product specific legal Risks

Every customer has different needs, and our management team is equipped to analyse those needs, create a plan to best satisfy those needs, and then ensure that the plan is executed in the most efficient and effective manner.

Your Problems – Our Solutions . . . Let’s synergies. . .
Our consultants bring significant expertise to the real world complex problem solving in the following areas:

  • Product, process & system improvement initiatives
  • Complex productivity, quality & Delivery problems
  • Lean Six Sigma deployment and Hand Holding
  • Lean Six Sigma project mentoring
  • Experimental design construction and analysis
  • customized Training materials development
  • Historical data analysis and recommendations
  • Leading cross-functional problem-solving initiatives
  • Survey construction, administration and analysis support
  • Customized problem solving
Support Options & Length of Engagement
Types of Support

  • At client Location or Onsite support
  • Phone/Web Conference or Off-site Work;

Engagement times may vary based on the nature of problem, process and complexity of support.

Our initial assessment will provide an estimate of the time and cost prior to your commitment. Though, Project support can be contracted by the hour for Offsite/phone/web support whereas by a Man-day rates for onsite support or negotiated by the project, study or event being supported.

At Creative Process Management, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you resolve those problems. Each member of our team is dedicated to help you gain the knowledge necessary to solve your problems, improve your internal capabilities to satisfy your customers and improve your margins.

We are committed to your success, because we don’t succeed unless you do!