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The demarcation between Six Sigma and Lean has blurred around Yr 2002 and a new term “Lean-Six Sigma” emerged. The Lean Six Sigma is a structured management methodology of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection, prepares your company for growth and future expansions, making your system & infrastructure robust and so stable that it can endure the pressure of ever changing market demands such as increased production, reduced cost, shorter delivery time and many more.

The Lean Manufacturing promotes smooth process flow, work standardization and drives out waste (non-value-added) whereas Six Sigma focuses on reducing process variation and enhancing process control. The power of Six Sigma methodology combined with the ideology of Lean Manufacturing help organizations to multiply their profits exponentially and leading them to be a leader in the industry by providing the customer with the best possible quality(Q), delivery(D) and cost(C).

The Lean and Six Sigma have the same general purpose of providing the customer with the value in terms of QDC, they approach their common purpose from slightly different angles:

  • Lean focuses on Waste reduction, whereas Six Sigma emphasizes Variation reduction.
  • Lean (Bottom-UP approach) achieves its goals by using less technical tools such as kaizen, workplace organizationvisual controls and value stream map, whereas Six Sigma (Top-Down approach) tends to use statistical data analysis, hypothesis tests and design of experiments.

One  thing  they have in common is that both require strong management support to make them the standard way of doing business.

The most successful Lean Six Sigma practitioners begin with the lean approach, making the workplace as efficient and effective as possible by reducing waste, and using value stream maps to improve understanding and throughput. When process problems remain, the more technical  Six Sigma statistical  tools may be applied.

We provide the entire range of Lean Six Sigma trainings including Certification Programs of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt that are designed to suite professional from Manufacturing industry as well as those Service industry professionals who are willing to learn Lean Methodology used in manufacturing and apply to service sector. The training programs cover the full spectrum of Professionals of industries from manufacturing to service sector, automotive to pharmaceuticals, Education to healthcare, government agencies to financial services as well as Students from Engineering, MBA/BBA or graduation.

At Creative Process Management, we have the knowledge, experience, depth, capability and expertise in blended approach of both the management practices that you’re looking for in a training provider and the training program. Our faculty members are some of the pioneer practitioners of LEAN Manufacturing (formerly known as TOYOTA Production System) since 1995 and Six Sigma methodology since 1998. More important, they are all Lean Practitioners trained on Toyota Production System (LEAN) at SONY research center, JAPAN and original SONY Six Sigma Black Belt Certified processionals from none but one of the recognized Six Sigma pioneer leaders SONY Corporation, Japan. Having contributed to the fusion of these two approaches, They witnessed the evolution of Lean Six sigma since its Infancy and bring significant real world expertise to the classroom/training environment.

Creative Process Management’s Experts, have proven their skills to the leaders and could be the best partners in your journey towards improvement too.

So, Start your journey towards success and excellence with the pioneers.


Executive Training Programme

  • Executive Leadership includes the CEO and other members of top management. They are responsible for setting up a vision for Lean Six Sigma implementation.
1 Day (8 Hrs)
Classroom based training programme

Champion Training Programme

  • The Four-days Programme is designed to provide key individuals with the knowledge to facilitate the leadership, implementation and deployment of Lean Six Sigma and the mentoring of Black Belts. Champions are drawn from upper management by the Executive Leadership, who takes responsibility for Six Sigma implementation across the organization in an integrated manner.
4 Days (32 Hrs)
Classroom based training programme

Black Belt Certification Programme 

  • Lean Six-Sigma Black-Belt Certification is considered as a mark of operational excellence in corporate world. It helps you enhance your organization’s bottom line and boosts your career through your mastery of …
16 Days (128 Hrs)
Classroom based training programme- Week Days & Week Ends both

Green Belt Certification Programme 

  • The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt operates in support of or under the supervision of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Becoming certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt confirms your commitment to organizational performance improvement and the positive impact to your own career boost.
8 Days (64 Hrs)
Classroom based training programme- Week Days & Week Ends both

Yellow Belt Certification Programme 

  • Yellow Belt Certification will help participants to understand the Lean Six Sigma Methodologies and tools in such a way that they will be able to play effective role as a responsible team members for Lean Six Sigma Projects. This Certification is considered as a beginning of operational excellence in many industries and helps you enhance your career.
4 Days (32 Hrs)
Classroom based training programme