"Creative Process Management is a Social benefit organization at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma Deployment, Certification, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Management Consulting."


Creative Process Management partners with working professionals and industry clients to help them achieve their goals through proven product, process and management system improvement methodologies, tools & techniques.

Established by a group of Engineers & professionals as a Social Benefit Organization, We offer entire range of Lean Six Sigma certification courses and services in training, Coaching, Mentoring, problem solving, and consulting to establish, implement and maintain various management systems with our contingent of professionally qualified technical experts in proven quality principles & process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, and Industry experienced auditors to various Indian, European and ISO standards.

Today, We emerged as a recognized leader in delivering client results through various improvement methodologies directed towards productivity improvement, defect reduction, waste reduction, variation reduction, problem solving, robust product / process / system designs and business growth.

Our Professionals have trained hundreds of individuals and served many Multinational companies, Public sector, Private Sector including MSMEs and Educational Institutions across various industry sectors to meet their product/process/system improvement needs and financial goals. And we continue to evolve our training and consulting services to offer the most efficient and effective methodologies in our never-ending quest to “Innovation. Perfection. Simplification.”